Following the Orange traffic light system, we have increased our indoor capacity to 20 students per class.

If you're carrying your vaccine pass with you we would be happy to scan it. 

Class Capacity

Accommodating at least a 1-metre distance between mats means we have a capacity for a maximum of 20 members in a class.

Use of Props and Mats

We encourage you to bring your own mat however we will still have thoroughly cleaned mats for hire.

Respecting Social Distancing

When arriving and moving about the studios we ask you to adhere to the 1-metre distance rule. We will assist with mat placement to give you your safe personal space. The stairwell will be open as well.

Feeling unwell?

Please stay home if you're feeling unwell. You can always join our online classes.


We have hand sanitizer available and thorough hand washing protocol always applies. We continue making efforts to thoroughly clean the studio.