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To provide safe dance and fitness instruction for pupils, staff and parent/guardians attending these classes at Flow Dance and Fitness Studio (Flow). Implementation of these procedures will ensure the safety of all pupils, staff and parent/guardians and will encourage the best performance from each pupil. Both staff and students will be required to follow all precautions as outlined in these procedures to prevent physical injury during class. Flow are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in the studio. Any potential safety hazards must be reported to staff immediately. As the studio occupies one space in a multi tenanted building, any risk found within the building, but not related directly to the studio, will be reported directly to the building owner for rectification.

Photography & Videoing of students


Photography or videoing of students in class or annual production is not permitted. This is for the safety and well-being of each individual student to comply with the Privacy Act regulations.


Emergency Evacuation


mergency exits are identified at the commencement of each course. There are emergency instructions posted within the studio. All instructors working within the studio must make themselves aware of these instructions. Automatic smoke detectors, a sprinkler system and fire alarm buttons are installed throughout the building.

Accidents and First Aid


Flow is not liable for personal injury or any loss or damage of personal property, whilst on the premises. It should be recognized by all students and guardians that all physical activities including dance and fitness carry a risk of injury or accident. Parents/guardians are responsible for informing their instructor of any injury which is being treated or may be of concern. It is the student’s or their guardian’s responsibility to only take actions they are comfortable with and that are appropriate for their physical state. All head injuries, however minor will be immediately reported to the parent/guardian. It is then the parent/guardian’s responsibility to decide whether their child needs medical attention. If a parent/guardian is not going to be contactable during a lesson, then they must provide an alternative number and contact for that day. If the incident is serious, an ambulance will be called, and the parent/guardian notified. Any costs incurred on calling an ambulance will be at the cost of the parent/guardian. A basic first aid kit is located at reception. Injuries must be reported to the instructor. All incidents/accidents will be recorded in the accident logbook as soon as possible after the event.




Flow provides qualified and/or experienced instructors who actively promote safe practice.


Individual Wellbeing


All students are to take part in a full warm up as directed by your instructor. Parent/guardians must advise the instructor prior to class commencing if their child is feeling unwell. Class numbers have been restricted to ensure student safety and enough room for the activity. Instructors will inform students of suitable clothing/footwear in advance.


Reduction of Hazards


Any personal belongings are to be kept in the changing room area using the cubbies provided. No loose gear is to be left on the dance floor except for water bottles which are to be placed in the designated area outlined by your instructor. All spills are to be cleared immediately notifying the instructor prior to clearing the spill. All cell phones are to be switched off during class. This includes any parent/guardians who remain in the studio during class. In these cases, phones are to be turned to silent to prevent any distractions. If you are taking a call, please do so outside of the immediate studio area. Safety of young person All sessions are supervised by suitably trained instructors. Flow students are under Flow supervision during class time only. Students must advise the instructor before leaving the dance floor (toilet breaks, etc). This is to ensure the instructor is aware of the whereabouts of all students during the class. All students are to remain within the studio until they are collected by their parent/guardian. If a different parent/guardian is collecting the student after class, please advise the instructor prior. Instructors are discouraged from spending any substantial period alone with students unless they are conducting a private lesson and have the consent of the parent/guardian. Instructors will avoid any unnecessary physical contact with students, however parents/guardians should understand that some aspects of teaching may involve some contact. Where this is necessary, instructors will use the utmost discretion. Parents/guardians must advise the studio if they do not wish their child to be photographed or videoed for promotional purposes. Pupils should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their class and remain in the waiting area until class starts. Flow is equipped with a CCTV system. There are 4 cameras located around the studio, two are in the studio, one camera is in the admin office and the other is located at the reception area. For all students under 10 years old a parent/guardian should be available to collect them punctually at the end of the class. The teacher will remain on the premises until all pupils have been collected. Please note for extended periods of delay, a cost may be incurred as a result. The same expectations apply to external events for which pupils will be asked to arrive at a set time and all pupils under 10 years old will need to be collected by a parent/guardian. Any younger siblings must remain off the dance floor during class. Parent/guardians are required to personally supervise non dancing siblings.


Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol


Flow has a non-smoking policy and smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building. Flow prohibits any non-prescribed drugs or alcohol in the studio. Any pupil or teacher found using drugs or alcohol whilst on Flow premises or when representing Flow, will be presented with a verbal warning. Parents/guardians will be advised if the pupil is less than 18 years of age. 




Music will be played within the studio at recommended volume standards. Music will be kept at a level where the teacher’s voice can be heard when the instructor is not using a headset.


Personal Information

A registration form should be completed for all pupils advising full name, email address, a contact telephone number and any known medical conditions prior to undertaking the student’s first class of instruction. Speak to your instructor for assistance.


Public Liability Insurance

Flow has public liability insurance and the certificate is available upon request.

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